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Jump2uNo matter how small or how big your backyard occasion is, JUMP2U can provide all different shapes and sizes of Inflatables and Jumping Castles to suit your yard. Our Inflatables, Jumping Castles, Sumo Suits, Marquees and other products can be set up on grass, concrete, pavings and any other form of surface which is deemed to be safe and free from sharp and dangerous objects. If you do have any doubts in terms of your yard’s compatibility and our products, rest assured knowing that an experienced and qualified JUMP2U staff member will take the time to come out to your place and conduct a physical observation of your yard prior to the date of your event, obligation free of course.

As a general rule of thumb, the minimum space required for an Inflatable Jumping Castle would be 4m x 4m x 4m high. The larger Combo Inflatable Jumping Castles would require approximately 6m x 6m x 5m worth of space. If your back yard does not have sufficient space for either small or large Inflatable Jumping Castles, the front yard can be an option. However, if this was the case, safety measures must be put in place to eliminate any perils and risks associated with front yards, including supervision at all times by a responsible (and sober) adult.

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